Most Common Places To Catch The Cold Or Flu

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Most Common Places To Catch The Cold Or Flu

Syerra Rodriguez, Contributor

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Catching the cold or flu is very common. Most people think it’s very important to get the flu shot that way throughout the year you are most likely not to get sick. Like those that refuse to get the flu shot are always sick during the year.

The most common places to get sick are…

– The Airport 

– Public Restrooms

–  A Doctor’s Office 

– Restaurants 

ATM Locations 

– Supermarkets 

You are most likely to get sick anywhere for the cause of bacteria that is surrounding you. Bacteria is wherever you are. Germs are passed around. Sometimes when you think something can be so clean it’s really not because of the bacteria and germs that we can not see. Keep you hands sanitized and don’t forget to always wash your hands.

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