An Interview with Mr. Collins

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An Interview with Mr. Collins

Syerra Rodriguez, Contributor

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Mr. Collins is a U.S History and AP physiology teacher here at Hueneme High.

1. What made you think of becoming a teacher? 

” Warren Ellis is a good friend who is also a coach. We were both coaching and we would just talk about being educators. Hueneme High School is one of those schools that once you have taught here, you will probably stay here the rest of your career. I love the students and the culture here!”

2. What college or university did you attend? 

” I attended California State San Benardino.”

3. What part do you enjoy of being a teacher? 

“I enjoy helping kids, being their inspiration and their mentor.”

4. How long have you worked at HHS?

” I’ve worked here for 3 years.”

5. Do you enjoy working with your facility and staff? 

” Yeah very good staff, very helpful, and supportive.”

6. Do you have any pets? 

” Yes I have a dog.”

7. Do you enjoy your days off? 

” I do I get to enjoy my time with my wife and sometimes my sons.”

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