The Clash at the Border


Daniel Cabrera, Contributor

The situation got out of hand on Sunday in Tijuana as hundreds of migrants tried to flee from Mexican police and run toward a border crossing that leads to San Diego.

Customs officials shut down the border for hours and fired tear gas to push the migrants back. Some threw rocks at the American officers, many were hit. Some 42 migrants were arrested on the U.S. side.

Most of the media treated the traveling migrants as sympathetic figures who didn’t pose a threat to anyone. The reality turned out to be more complicated. Not all the migrants were a threat, and many legitimately hoped to seek asylum from persecution or economic hardship. But the hundreds who stormed the San Diego border, in what began as a protest against slow-moving asylum claims, clearly included many violent people trying to injure federal agents.

Few Liberals mention that there was a similar incident in 2013, during the Obama administration, in which about 100 immigrants threw rocks and bottles at Border Patrol agents, who responded with pepper spray, in the same area.


Info from Fox News


Picture from Flickr