$4.50 an hour ?

Gustavo Angel Herrera, Contributor

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Two local car wash businesses of the Los Angeles County are being asked to pay about $1 Million in fees after employees report of illegal wage theft.

Silver Lake Car Was Inc. and Catalina Car Wash Inc., two well  known Los Angeles County local businesses are being investigated after reports of illegal wage theft were made towards employees pay. Both buisnesses supervised by Yoosef Aminpour, were put on investigation after employees were reporting wage theft getting paid as little as $4.50 an hour for 10 hours with no over time pay or break time. It is illegal in California for employers to pay their employees less than minimum wage which is currently  $11.00 or $10.50 per hour for employers who have 25 or less employees. As part of a settelment both business agreed to pay penalties and will offer between $17,000 and $40,000 in back pay to employees and will be monitored for 4 years to ensure they complete with wage laws.

Picture Credit: Flicker

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