OUHSD Bean Boozle

Leobardo Rodriguez, Contributor

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On November 13 OUHSD called all high school students home to inform them that there would be no school on November 14 due to the new fires. Later on that night the schools called homes to tell them that there would be school the next day. This was very upsetting to most people because the district had already called saying there wasn’t any school but then to later on say there was. Some parents already had made planes with their children for the next day. For me this was disappointing because I had already had a appointment at the DMV that day and I had to miss first period and second period.

Once children got to school the Air quality was very bad since there was still a fire that was even closer this time. A lot of  parents were very mad about this because their children were at school while the air was hazardous just to have been informed by the district the day before that school wasn’t canceled because the air quality was “good”. This even cause the school to hand out face masks to the kids who asked for them. This situation even cause Fox News to come to the channel islands highs school on a report about the whole mess.

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