Hueneme High’s Day of The Dead Festival!

Maria Roque, Contributor

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Pictures taken by me

On Friday November 2, 2018, Hueneme High School held it’s very first Day of the Dead celebration! It was first brought up by the beloved Spanish teacher Mrs.Casillas, who for countless years has wanted to make her idea into a reality. Luckily she brought up the idea to her Spanish 5 Ap class who absolutely loved the idea and wanted to make it work, so the planning began. The festival included food, music, alters, entertainment and food, it was a free entrance and most importantly it was open to the community. All the funds raised would be going for being able to pay for the Ap Spanish Lit. exams and if possible for a field trip being held in March. Needless to say, it was a success! From the taquero to the banda at the end of the night, it seemed that everyone one who attended were entertained and having a good time.


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