Family-based Disney Movies!


Maria Gutierrez, Contributor


  1. Lilo and Stich: Raised by her older sister Nani, Lilo struggles to find friendship on her island. She spends a lot of time alone because her sister has to work to be able to raise her. In order for Lilo to have some company, Nani decides to take her to adopt a dog. Lilo then finds her new “dog” and names him Stich. She struggles to keep him in control, and gets into lots of trouble. Due to the unfortunate experiences that Nani, Lilo and Stich faced, they find out the true meaning ohana.Image result for lilo and stitch
  2.  Coco: Miguel is a young boy that lives in Mexico. His family owns a company that make shoes and want Miguel to become a part of it. Passionate about music, he denies and struggles to achieve his dream of becoming a music artist just like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. He goes on an extraordinary journey to the land of the dead where he finds out about his family history and why his family banned music from their lives.Image result for disney coco
  3. Moana: Moana of Motunui is a girl who is raised to become the leader of her island. She loves the ocean and wishes she could go out and explore what is on the other side of the ocean reef. Her father who is teaching Moana everything she needs to know to lead the island, forbids the people to go beyond the reef and refuses to explain why. Later she finds out something incredible about her family’s history and about herself. After speaking with her grandmother, she goes out to sea to help save her island from being destroyed. Image result for moanaAll pictures credited to: