Top 8 Popular Shopping Stores


Stacy Ceja, Contributor

There are many clothing stores that are the most popular. They are more known among the people and are being shopped in very often. These stores have a variety of things to choose from and the sizes and styles.


1. Nike

They are mainly popular for the shoes they produce but also sell athletic clothing. Their shoes and athletic clothing are medium to high priced depending on the styles.

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2. American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle was not that popular until they added Aerie but the have quality jeans and tops and sweaters that are so soft. They are more on the pricier side but they have sales in store and online or also check out their clearance section.

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3. Forever 21

This retail store always has the best and fastest on trend clothes that range form inexpensive to higher prices. They also provide a variety of sizes for their styles and they also have Forever 21 Men.

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4. Adidas

Adidas is right behind Nike they stepped up their game with their shoes and clothing the produce. They are very innovative with their shoes also with Adidas supplying with Yezzy shoes by Kanye so they became more popular.

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5. Hollister

Hollister is most popular for their jeans they are usually $25 so many people buy them also they have extended sizes but only online. They have new styles all the time and many items on sale.

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6. H&M

H&M has expanded all throughout the world as they have been growing. People love their clothes for the quality and all the styles they offer.

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7. Urban Outfitters

Urban has a variety of items like books, home/room decor and accessories but mostly clothes. They have many limited edition items on their website from different brands so keep on the look out for them.

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Pink is a part of Victoria’s Secret they have become big when it comes to clothing for teen girls and women they have a wide selection of comfortable clothes for sweats, leggings and t-shirts also sweaters.

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