HHS food fights

Leobardo Rodriguez, Contributor

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Lately Hueneme high school has been having a lot of food fights. This is bad for the janitors because they have to pick up more food and clean more. When students choose to have food fights they are also throwing away food that’s free that tax payers money goes to. Most of the the food fights start with one kid launching a milk or apple and it ends up hitting another group of students and they throw stuff at others ans that’s how it usually starts.

I bet if these kids would have to buy their lunches they wouldn’t be having these food fights. Last year you still had to qualify to get free food and not much food fights occurred but now that the foods free to everyone the foods being used to throw it and not to eat. This is actually starting to become a problem because the office ends up sending student to class early and just sit in there till 1:01.


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