My Experience with Transferring to Hueneme


Carissa Lopez, Contributor

I transferred here last year from Oxnard High School. I had spent freshman and sophomore year there, and it wasn’t the best thing ever to just up and move schools. Something I’ve gotten a lot since coming here is “Do you miss it over there?” and “What do you think of it here?”. Truth be told, I actually like Hueneme a lot more. I think some people here take it for granted and don’t realize that it’s actually a lot different here.

The atmosphere is calmer and the teachers seem more invested in students and who they are or why they do what they do. The school itself is smaller but I think that makes it better. It’s not as dramatic or problematic and overall, people seem much more accepting here. I feel like friendships here don’t feel as fake as friendships I had over there. Keep in mind, that’s my experience.

I don’t have a lot of criticisms for Hueneme. My biggest disappointment is with school spirit. I feel like if more people got into the rallies and spirit days, it’d be more fun. I will say the dances here are a lot more fun, though.

Photo courtesy of Flickr.