My Experience in Oxnard Cause!

Adela Salazar, Contributor

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CAUSE- Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy.

I heard about CAUSE my sophomore year but didn’t know much about it. Soon i started to notice my friends were always talking about it and they told me how fun it was. One of my friends told me that I should join and that there was a parent meeting for kids that are interested. At the meeting I met the youth coordinator and her name is Ocil Herrejon.

I am glad I listened to my friend Maribel. I have experienced a lot of fun things with Oxnard Cause. It’s a program designed to get the students involved in improving their community.

My first experience with Cause was Measure A and that was to get money for our schools. We basically were canvassing around the neighborhoods and trying to get people to vote for measure A. Most of the people enjoyed it and said they were safe throughout the whole thing. The only drawback was that the kids were tired after the walking around. Well the people did vote for the measure and now we have money for our schools!!


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One of my favorite was when we were able to help the people affected by the Thomas fire. My friend Maribel and I know three languages , so we helped fill out applications. We also made phone calls to schedule appointments and also to let people know that their check is ready to be picked up. It was just a great feeling to hear them thank us and be happy to receive help.



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Another way that I was involved in was the power plants replacement. The goal was to replace them to solar panels so they don’t contaminate the air we breathe here in Oxnard. We discussed about most of the power plants being in Oxnard when they don’t really benefit us as much. So we went to Sacramento and in the capital building we talked to state legislatures. This fight has been going on for four years and we finally won!

I had a great time and I am still continuing on volunteering. It’s a great way to earn community service hours, gain experience, and have fun. I really recommend Cause for all youth because it’s just such a great opportunity.

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Hope to see you there! 🙂