Top 5 Halloween Movies

Kimberly Pichardo, Contributor

Halloween is just around the corner! Grab your snacks or beverages and get cozy with these fun to watch Halloween movies!

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1# The Nightmare before Christmas PG (Fantasy/Musical)

It tells the story of Jack Skellington, a resident as well as The King of  “Halloween Town” who stumbles through a portal to “Christmas Town” and decides to celebrate the holiday, with some dastardly and comical consequences.


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2# Boo! A Madea Halloween (1-2) PG 13 (Horror/Comedy)

Tiffany travels to Derrick Lake to celebrate her 18th birthday at a Halloween frat party in the middle of the woods. Frantic and worried, Madea, Aunt Bam, and Hattie hop in the car to save her from the same terrible fate that befell a group of teens there years earlier. Chaos soon strikes when the would-be heroes find themselves fighting to their lives against an array of spooky monsters, goblins and boogeyman.

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3# A Haunted House (1-2) R (Fantasy/Horror)

Young couple Malcolm and Kisha have just moved into their dream home. As they settle in, they learn that they’re not alone– not because the house is haunted, but because Kisha is possessed by a demon. Desperate to salvage his relationship, Malcolm hires a coterie of paranormal specialists, which includes a priest and ghost busters, to banish the unwelcome intruder from Kisha’s body.

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4# Mean Girls PG 13 (Teen Film/Comedy)

Teenage Cady Heron was educated in Africa by her scientists parents. When her family moves to the suburbs of Illinois, Cady finally gets to experience public school and gets a quick primer on the cruel, tacit laws of popularity that divide her fellow students into tightly knit cliques. She unwittingly finds herself in the good graces of the elite group of cool students dubbed ” the Plastics,” but Cady soon realizes how her shallow group of new friends earned this nickname.

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5# Scary Movie R (Slasher/Teen Film)

After a group of teenagers consisting of Cindy Campbell, Bobby Prinze, Buffy Gilmore, Greg Phillip, Ray Wilkins, and Brenda Meeks accidentally hit a old man with their car. They decide to dump his body in a lake and never talk about it again. A year later a person with a scream mask kills them one by one.


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