An interview with Kimberly Pichardo


Syerra Rodriguez, Contributor

1. If you were to have any dog what would it be?

” If I were to have any dog it would either a Pomeranian, weiner dog, or a husky. ”

2. What types of sports do you like?

” The sports I like are dance cheer-leading and I love to watch football. ”

3. What’s your favorite fast food place?

” My favorite fast food place would have to be Buffalo wild wings. ”

4. If you can travel anywhere where would you like to go?

” If I can travel anywhere I would like to go to Cancun. ”

5. Who’s your favorite artist?

” My favorite artist is YG.”

6. What’s your your future goal?

” My future goal is to go to college or a university. ”

7.What’s your dream job?

” I want to work with something that involves physiology, so a social worker. ”

8. What grade are you in?

” I’m in the 11th grade. ”

9. What’s your favorite color?

” I have more than one favorite color and they are red,purple,burgundy,navy blue and black. ”

10. What’s your favorite candy?

” my favorite candy would have to be chocolate. ”

11. what’s your favorite clothes brand?

” My favorite clothes brand would have to be Forever 21 and Zumiez. “