5 Beautiful/Interesting Forest

Stacy Ceja, Contributor


There are many interesting forest in the world. These are five forest that are beautiful in many ways. Either they are beautiful because of the greenery or interesting with their plants and trees. These forest are located in different areas that are sub-tropical.  All of these forest are homes to many types of species.

 Amazon Rainforest

The worlds largest rain forest it is 2.72 million square miles.

Has over 2.5 million species of insects and other creatures, over 16,000 tree species.

It is located in Brazil.

Mossy Forest

There is a variety of creatures, encompassing insects, snakes, frogs because of the climate.

It is located in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Also, it is mostly known for the moss that grows everywhere on the forests ground and on trees.

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Otzarreta Forest

A part of the Gorbea Natural Park, Located in Spain.

The climate has wet winds and a lot of precipitation.

There is many oaks like the Pedunculate and Cantabrian Holm and many more.

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Crooked Forest

Located in a small corner of Western Poland.

It has over 400 pine trees that grow with a bend of 90 degrees on the base.

There is a theory that the trees are more than 80 yrs. old.

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Is located in Costa Rica and covers 10,500 hectares.

There is 9,000 species of plants in Monteverde.

It contains 100 mamal species, 400 birds including exotic birds.

Also, has over a couple thousand insect species.

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Photos courtesy of: Google