What Weight Lifting Does To You

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What Weight Lifting Does To You

Oscar Silva, Contributor

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Hypertrophy is an increase in muscle size.

  • Stronger muscles can improve your posture and help your body stay balanced
  • Stronger muscles can prevent injuries
  •  Helps you tone, firm, and shape your body
  • Can help you reshape problem areas such as sagging arms and your butt
  • Increases your lean body mass so metabolism increases
  • You need a combination of aerobic exercise and weight training for overall fitness

Remember “You need to earn your body!!” weightlifting is hard theirs going to be times where your body wants to give up but remember you’r in control of your body so the more work you put in the better results you get overall. “You should start counting when it starts burning”-Muhammad Ali.

Overall lifting makes you look good, feel good, and so much more but the pain is hard you must have a mindset of a champion always willing to rise up and never give up. you fall down get up again now that’s is not failure, failure is not attempting to get up.


Source: Family Education

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