An Interview With The Daycare Ladies

Kimberly Pichardo, Contributor



The Cal-Safe daycare program offers a voluntary program for males and females who are school aged parents (expecting or parenting.) Teens must be enrolled in a school based program (Middle School or High School) working towards a diploma, or equivalency. Children of Cal-Safe teens are eligible for services from birth through five years (0-5), or entry to kindergarten, whichever comes first.

1. What made you want to work here at Hueneme High School for the Cal-Safe Program?

“I love working with children!” – Adriana, “I love to work with children and I get very good benefits from working here as well.” – Teresa

2. How many years have you been working with kids/infants?

“3 years for preschool and 18 years for Cal-Safe.” – Adriana, “13 years.” – Teresa

3. Here at the daycare what is your favorite part of the day?

“Playtime and when we interact.” – Adriana, ” Interacting with the kids.” – Teresa

4. What are the kids/infants daily routine during the day?

” Greetings, hand washing, breakfast, diaper changes, circle time, going outside, snacks, art, music, or books, lunch, and nap time but mainly their routine can vary because it is on demand.” – Adriana, Teresa

5. Do you guys celebrate any special events or holidays? If so, what do you guys do?

“Birthday cards, singing happy birthday, dressing up for Halloween and give out healthy treats, we also put little snacks in some Easter eggs for Easter too.” – Adriana, Teresa

6. What age ranges do you have experience with?

“0-5” – Adriana, Teresa

7. Did you ever see yourself working in the Cal-Safe Program? If not, what was your first job interest?

“Yes totally!” -Adriana, “When I was in Mexico I wanted to be a secretary.” – Teresa

8. Did you have to take any special infant classes? If so, please specify.

“Health and Safety, Art Appreciation for Children, Parenting Training, and workshops.” – Adriana, Teresa

9. In your opinion, what age group is the easiest or more comfortable to work with?

“I love the mixed ages and varieties so I can’t say.” – Adriana, “Toddlers” – Teresa

10. In your opinion, what rights should every child receive from their parents or guardian?

“Respect, and showing their child that they are important to them.” – Adriana, “Quality time and responsibility.” -Teresa

11. What has been one of the most exciting milestones you have witnessed with an infant or child?

“Rolling over, first words, and first steps” -Adriana, “Seeing babies at 4 months rolling over and just being more active” – Teresa

12. What is some advice on how to manage a crisis involving a child/infant and how to deal with a  babies/child’s fussiness, tantrums, and non stop crying?

“Attention and a lot of calm talking to the baby for relaxation for both you and the child. Also do not let behavior escalate.” -Adriana, “Take action and think of different reasons why  the infant may be acting that way and a lot of one on one attention.” – Teresa

13. In your opinion, what are some qualities or traits every child should be taught from their parents or guardian?

“Respect, morals, and confidence.” -Adriana, “Values, morals, manners, and respect.” -Teresa

14. What is your opinion on spanking and time-outs?

“I don’t believe in that. I believe in redirection, like giving them their space and time to cool off.” – Adriana, “I don’t think its necessary” – Teresa

15. What advice would you give, on appropriately correcting or calling out a child’s behavior?

“Learn to give a child space and let them realize what they are doing and give them time to cool down” -Adriana, “Giving good examples and being the role model for them.” – Teresa