How to Survive Hueneme High School

Raul Perez, Contributor

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To survive Hueneme High School you have to know these 10 basic things:

  1.  Don’t be late for school & be ready to work.
  2.  Always follow the rules when you’re in the classroom or in the quad.
  3. Treat HHS property with respect & treat others like how you want to be treated.
  4.  Use your device as learning devices & only take them out when the time recalls for it.
  5.  Have your feet and hands to yourself; any fight will be consider for suspension.
  6.  Remember any drug substance or alcohol isn’t tolerable around campus.
  7.  Never leave anything the last minute, some teachers will not accept work from two months ago.
  8. Always have a good night, sleep recommends 8 to 10 ours of sleep in order to think better.
  9. Don’t be afraid to fail everyone makes mistakes, mistakes make you stronger.
  10. Don’t play around the first few years, then try to save yourself at the end because you will regret it.

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