Best Horror Movies To Watch This Fall


Carissa Lopez, Contributor

Every year, during fall, I love marathon-ing anything creepy or horror-related. Here’s my list of horror movies that I suggest watching (in no particular order).

The Evil Dead (1981)

Both The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 are great to watch, and while Army of Darkness (the third installment) is more comedic than scary, it’s also a good one for fall. Our main character in these movies is Ash Williams, who finds the Book of the Dead (with friends). Photo courtesy of Flickr

Halloween (1978 (or go see the new one, I don’t control you))

Halloween is one of those “cult-classic” horror movies that pretty much everyone’s heard of, so if you haven’t watched it, I definitely suggest it. If you didn’t know, Halloween is about Michael Myers, a mental hospital escapee who initially went away for murder.   Photo courtesy of Flickr

The Shining (1980)

I am a tiny bit biased here since I’m a huge Stephen King fan, but The Shining is a great movie that follows the sinister antics of a writer against his family.


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Scream (1996)

My favorite part about this movie is how it mocks stereotypical slasher movies by blatantly stating the stereotypes/”rules”. Our lead is Sidney Prescott, and it’s about a slew of murders.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Hereditary (2018)

This one deals with the aftermath of a close death, and is in my opinion, the best horror movie of the year (so far, I’m holding out for Halloween).

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