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NBA Draft

Marco Andrade, contributor

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The NBA draft class this year has a lot of great players just like every other draft class but, this doesn’t mean that every player will be great ones they reach the NBA. From almost every draft there are only a handful that do good after a couple years in the NBA. A lot of players attend to this event but no all of them will be picked.

In order to be picked all you have to do is show how great of a player you are so scouts from different teams go out and evaluate the way you play the game. There has been players that have set records during college but ones they reach the NBA they crumble and do really bad.

The draft is not just for players who have played in college. Some of these teams also look at players from other countries. They do this because if they can reach to other countries then the sport grows and more kids will be motivated to play as they grow up. Years before they use to let players go from high school straight into the NBA. That has now gone away because too  many players fail ones there.

In order to reach the NBA players must complete a year at college or play over seas in order to be drafted. This is a good idea because like that players get an extra year to get better and they get to play against other players that will soon be in the NBA just like them. This years draft class is full of great players but, only a couple of them will be successful if they get drafted by a team.

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NBA Draft