Titanic diving tours maybe in 2018.

Titanic diving tours maybe in 2018.

Vanessa Bibiano, Contributor

In 1912 Titanic set aboard.. but later on in the cruise the unsinkable boat sank…

In may 2018 there is said to be a dive by a company named Blue Marble Private that wants to charge $105, 129 per person.

Unbelievably , the first voyage to visit the wreckage is already full.

What do you get for the money you spend?

  • Three hours exploring the remains of the 269-meter-long ship
  • Three potential days of diving, with dives lasting three hours
  • A fancy title: Clients are known as Mission Specialists and will learn to assist the expedition team in the submersible and aboard the expedition yacht.

” The Titanic Museum has welcomed nearly 3.5 million visitors since opening in 2012, and was named the World’s Leading Tourist Attraction at the World Travel Awards in 2016. ”