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FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia

Michelle Ceja, Contributor

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Courtesy of:  Wikimedia Commons

The FIFA world cup is finally here after 4 years of waiting the first match will take place on June 14th 2018 at Russia. First Teams that will be playing are Russia Vs. Saudi Arabia at 8:00 am. There’re are 8 groups A-H.

World cup Schedule 

June 15, 2018

Egypt Vs. Uruguay 5:00 am

Morocco Vs. Iran 8:00 am

Portugal Vs. Spain 11:00 am

June 16, 2018

France V. Australia 3:00 am

Argentina Vs. Iceland 6:00 am

Peru Vs. Denmark 9:00 am

Croatia Vs. Nigeria 12:00 pm

June 17, 2018 

Costa Rica Vs. Serbia 5:00 am

Germany Vs. Mexico 8:00 am

Brazil Vs Switzerland 11:00 am

June 18, 2018 

Sweden Vs. South Korea 5:00 am

Belgium vs Panama 8:00 am

Tunisia Vs. England 11:00 am

June 19, 2018 

Colombia Vs. Japan 5:00 am

Poland Vs. Senegal 8:00 am

Russia Vs. Egypt 11:00 am

June 20, 2018

Portugal Vs. Morocco 5:00 am

Uruguay Vs. Saudi Arabia 8:00 am

Iran Vs. Spain 11:00 am

June 21, 2018

Denmark Vs Australia 5:00 am

France Vs. Peru 8:00 am

Argentina Vs. Croatia 11:00 am

June 22, 2018

Brazil Vs. Costa Rica 5:00 am

Nigeria Vs. Iceland 8:00 am

Serbia Vs. Switzerland 11:00 am

June 23, 2018

Belgium Vs Tunisia 5:00 am

South Korea Vs. Mexico 8:00 am

Germany Vs. Sweden 11:00 am

June 24, 2018 

England Vs. Panama 5:00 am

Japan Vs. Senegal 8:00 am

Poland Vs. Colombia 11:00 am

June 25, 2018

Saudi Arabia Vs. Egypt 7:00 am

Uruguay Vs. Russia 7:00 am

Iran Vs. Portugal 11:00 am

Spain Vs. Morocco 11:00 am

June 26, 2018

Australia Vs. Peru 7:00 am

Denmark Vs. France 7:00 am

Nigeria Vs Argentina 11:00 am

Iceland Vs. Croatia 11:00 am

June 27, 2018 

South Korea Vs. Germany 7:00 am

Mexico Vs. Sweden 7:00 am

Switzerland Vs. Costa Rica 11:00 am

Serbia Vs. Brazil 11:00 am

June 28, 2018  

Senegal Vs. Colombia 7:00 am

Japan Vs Poland 7:00 am

England Vs. Belgium 11:00 am

Panama Vs. Tunisia 11:00 am

On round 16, 16 team out of 32 teams will try to win their match to advance to quarter finals, then to semi finals, and the team that loses in semi finals will play for the title of third place. The teams that wins in semi finals will play the final and win the world cup.







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Michelle Ceja, Contributor

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia