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A Interview with Mr Mc Adam

Juan Vazquez, contributor

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  1. How long have you been working at HHS ?                                                                                                  Mr Mc Adam has been working here at HHS for 5 years going on his six year now.
  2. What made you choose a career in this industry?                                                                                               Mr Mc Adam chose this career to help make a difference in students’ lives and have summers off.
  3. What is your favorite part about your job ?                                                                                                  His favorite part about his job is working with students with hands on activities, labs, and other fun projects with students. He also likes his science department 
  4. What are the things you dislike about your job ?                                                                                              He does not like to babysit kids and make phone calls home. 
  5. What is your most memorable experience at HHS ?                                                                              When a student threw up on a computer and seeing his freshmen class graduate as seniors.
  6. What do you do on your days off ?                                                                                                                  He enjoys spending time with the family, working on his farm, and going camping and traveling. 
  7. What did you do before coming to HHS ?                                                                                                      Mr Mc Adam worked at over at Glendale High School as an environmental engineer consonant.
  8. Was this the job you wanted to do when you were growing up ?                                                                As a kid he wanted to be a geologist cause it looked like fun as a kid and cause you worked out side. 
  9. Are you considering to further your education ?                                                                                              Yes and No. It is always good to keep learning things, but he is not planing to go back to school.
  10. What dinosaur would you be ?                                                                                                                            He said he would want to be a stegosaurus because they are primitive and research showed they used there spikes to absorb the suns energy.
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A Interview with Mr Mc Adam