Tips for Incoming High School Freshman

Itzel Aguirre, Contributor

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Being a freshman in high school can be so scary at first because the nerves of the unknown start to rise. But, being a freshman is not all that bad you get the chance to try new things and make new friends. Here are some tips that might just help you get through freshman year.

1. Try New Things

Meaning get out of your comfort zone. Try out new clubs because there are plenty of clubs to go around. If you do sports continue to do sports try out and see if you make the team and if you don’t give up on it. By joining clubs you get to meet so many new people.

2. Be Organized

Yes, many say freshman year doesn’t matter regarding grades but yes they do, especially for graduation because if you fail a subject, you will now have missing credits. It’s a lot better to just get in the habit of studying and getting your work done than slacking off.

3. Use Your Support System 

You have many people that are available for any situation so don’t ever feel alone. You can get help by your parents, teachers, and counselors. No matter how big or small the issue is, it’s better to speak with someone than to keep it bottled up.

4. Manage Your Time

Your time becomes precious when it comes to balancing homework, helping around the house, and being in clubs. Time management is very important in high school because you don’t want to end your year being super stressed over the small things. Keep in mind to not let things get to you. Of course try to spend time with your friends, but be around people that will support, not pull you down.

Most important of all, enjoy your time in high school because time does truly flies. 

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