Fishermen Reels In a 9 Foot Shark

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Fishermen Reels In a 9 Foot Shark

Freddy Altamirano, Contributor

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Three fishermen have fought a 9-foot shark at 250 pounds and said that it took him 40 minutes to catch. The shark was known as a porbeagle shark and are similar to the great white they are also mostly found in U.K waters.

Steve Watson, Andy Watson, and Matt Ward are the three fishermen that caught the shark and released back into the wild. Andy Watson and the others have said that they have been shark fishing for almost three years and couldn’t believe their luck.

The shark was 15 miles away from them and reeling it in wasn’t easy, Steve said that it was “Very Difficult.” Steve said that the porbeagle sharks are not harmful to humans and that they are the shy type of creatures.

Although catching the shark can be bad Steve used hooks from the U.S that are specially made to catch and release without harming the fish.

Many others have caught a porbeagle ever since then and a man name Rich Cope has caught a shark within 15 minutes and says that “it was like trying to control a car with a fishing rod.”

Credit: Fox News

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