Robots Can Now Run, Jump, And Climb

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Robots Can Now Run, Jump, And Climb

Freddy Altamirano, Contributor

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Boston Dynamics has shown town two videos on Thursday where robots are now able to run, jump and climb. The video shows some of the things that the robots are able to do in a small and large environment such as grass fields and offices.

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“Photo Via Wikimedia Commons Under Creative Commons License”

One robot is named SpotMini which is a dog in the form of a robot and the Atlas the human-like robot. The video shows how a robot functions on its own without anyone actually controlling it.

Boston Dynamics videos have reached more than 1 million views, but many people that have seen these videos have been mostly terrified.

“The company has been sold to a Japanese conglomerate SoftBank last year and apparently they did not say what were the plans for the robots.”The companies website says that “changing the idea of what robots can do, it can surpass expectations and as well as work in the real world.”

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