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4 Tips to Help You Graduate

Nicole Moraga, Contributor

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Senior year is known for being the chill year and it actually is, but that is only if you are on track to graduate. If you pass all your classes (D and above) from freshman year to senior year you can walk the line. I’m sure you’ve heard about this sickness you get senior year called “Senioritis” and I’m here to say that its true, Senioritis is real. Here are a couple tips to help you graduate:

1. Show up to classes. Senioritis will kick in and you will have no motivation to show up to classes or even school sometimes. Once you start missing class for a while you’ll get more and more comfortable every time.
2. The pictures you took of the work/notes you took in class to “finish later”, there’s a good chance you will forget or your Senioritis will get the best of you. So do your work in class!
3. Talk to your counselors. Always know where you stand with credits, you do not want to wait last minute to start making up credits. YOU WILL BE STRESSED. Apex is such a drag, its easier to do the work in class.
4.Pay your fees. Throughout your years in highschool you check out lots of books that could be damaged or lost and pay for other student expenses.

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Nicole Moraga, Contributor

Hi, My name is Nicole Moraga and I am 17 years old. I have attended Hueneme High School for 3 years and now I've come to my senior year. I play golf, basketball...

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  1. Ms. Gomez on May 18th, 2018 2:52 PM

    Thank you for these great tips! I especially love #3.

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4 Tips to Help You Graduate