How it Felt Being Part of Every 15 Minutes

Itzel Aguirre, Contributor

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Every 15 Minutes is all about creating a scenario of what would happen if you drink and drive mainly involving teenagers. It was such a great experience because you not only do you act out what happens but in a way live through it. The day we did the car crash scene we all went to a hotel and we did more activities.

Which in fact did get very emotional for everyone. Taking the opportunity to be part of the video was honestly the greatest decision I made. The hardest part of it was actually taking on the role of  being dead and not being able to talk to anyone.

Everyone took from this video the important realization that you really have to be careful when it comes to driving while under the influence. The smartest choice you have is to not drive point clear, or even take an uber or just have someone that will not drink to drive back home. Just take the time to consider your options and make a plan.

There’s the link to the video:

Every 15 Minutes Hueneme High School


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