#itcanwait Channel Islands and AT&T partnered to deliver an important message


Vanessa Bibiano, Contributor

On Tuesday April 10, 2018, CIHS partnered with AT&T to deliver an important message about the dangers of distracted driving through the #itcanwait campaign.

AT&T brought a VR experience which provided students with a dramatic encounter with real-life stories of distracted driving and shocking statistics around the issue.

(CIHS is the third school in the nation to provide this experience to its students.)

(Additionally in the important safety message, Channel Islands High School and Asst. Principal Ramos both received Certificates of Recognition from the office of Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin and office of Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson.)

Certificates were issued as a special recognition for their commitment and efforts to ensure that CIHS students had the opportunity to participate in the AT&T “It Can Wait” event.


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