Conspiracy of Who shot Mr.Burns?

Vanessa Bibiano, Contributor

Part One contains several clues about the identity  because the writers wanted it to be solvable.

The concept for the two-part episode was of  “A House Divided”, known by most as “Who shot J.R.?” in which character J.R. Ewing was shot.

But the question is who shot him?

Many people thought these clues a long with many others were helpful to figuring it out:

  1. Mr. Burns looks from his balcony and talks about stealing candy from a baby
  2. When Mr. Burns collapses on the sundial, he points at W and S, although from his viewpoint, the W looks like an M
  3. During the scene at the town hall, several citizens are seen stroking guns: Smithers and an unidentified woman have revolvers, Moe has a shotgun, Skinner has a semi-automatic handgun with a suppressor attached, and Barney has a derringer.


(After looking at thepicture below courtesy of twitter. )

In the end, the shooter was revealed to be Maggie Simpson, with an assist from Burns himself as he attempted to steal the innocent baby’s candy.

It revealed on Twitter March 12, 20108 , the original ending to “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” was going to be quite different.

courtesy :

  • josh weinstein’s  twitter