Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

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Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Mikaella Dela Cruz, Contributor

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Japan is known for many different things. But have you seen what it looks like in Japan during the Spring season?

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Glenn Waters

  1. Cherry Blossom is called Sakura in Japanese
  2. There are about 600 different types of Sakura in Japan
  3. The oldest Sakura is 2000 years old
  4. All Sakuras have different names depending on its petals count
  5. Many people in Japan also sit down under the cherry blossom trees to have a picnic,this is called a Hanami
  6. You can drink and also eat the leaves of the cherry blossoms
  7. Sakura is known for new beginnings and spring
  8. The 100 yen coin has a sakura engraved on it
  9. It is celebrated every year during spring season
  10. Many say that the national Flower in Japan is a Sakura but chrysanthemum has been the symbol of the Japanese Imperial Family


Credits: Inside Journey , House Beautiful 

Photo Featured:  Sapporo

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