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I am Austin Smith and I am currently a Junior here at Hueneme High. I’m interested in computers and technology, love my cat, and may get drawn into my phone a little too much. I speak English and Hungarian, not much of the latter but I understand the basics.

I’ve built 2 PCs since Christmas of 2020, and they’re both running well, one is my personal rig and the other is my brother’s, complete amateur when it comes to console repairs but I can diagnose it. I try my best in video games but I'm just not very good. I enjoy many titles but War Thunder, Stormworks, and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners are some of my favorites. I dabble in content creation, so one day you may see some of my videos on YouTube. I am very passionate about tech and would probably bore someone to death explaining the ins and outs of PCs, this is your warning, ask at your own discretion.

My cat is a brown tabby, he loves naps, treats, and head pats like most other cats, but loves to sleep next to me while I get something done on my computer. My family had never decided on a name for him, but we call him daddy cat, chunky, and fatty cat to list a few. Daddy cat was a rescue, we had a family friend who found him alone, left behind by his previous owners in a foreclosed house,  Daddy cat has been with us since, and is now around 16-17 years old. he still loves to act like a kitten sometimes; either way, he will defend me from the evil phone charger till the end of time.


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