Favorite memory in High School (Senior Edition)

Diana Altamirano, Contributer

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I asked every senior what was their favorite memory throughout all 4 years in High school and here is their response:

#1 Anon: Watching all the fights.

#2 Kevin : Making Friends.

#3 Gustavo : Giving tours to incoming freshmen.

#4 Leobardo : Being friends with Kevin & being able to hangout with him (:

#5 Maria : Being a teacher for the Little Vikes.

#6 Stacy : Making many new friends & being part of many activities in and outside of school.

#7 Adela : Meeting new people, joining clubs in and outside of school, going to field trips, and when my friend fell in mud.

#8 Ximena : Meeting wonderful people, going to field meets and everything NJROTC related.

#9 David : Playing sports and making friends.

#10 Brycen : Getting out of here.

#11 Bryant : Watching the sports.

#12 Wendy : Meeting my girl Fatima.

#13 Fatima : Meeting the one and only Wendy.


#15 Anon : Watching the boys getting pooped on by the seagulls.

#16 Geuri : Senior soccer season.

#17 Noe : Going to art class.




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