Top 5 Weirdest Animals

Top 5 Weirdest Animals

Ximena Ortega , Contributor

I love animals. I think they are incredible and should never go extinct. There are very interesting animals that don’t get much attention though. Honestly, these animals look like the animals I would try to draw when I was little. The names of the animals are just as weird.

5. Mexican Mole Lizard: Okay me. Kidding. This little creature is mostly known as the 5-Toed Worm Lizard and are native to Mexico’s Baja California region. It measures up to 9.4 inches long and it crosses between an earthworm, a mole, and a salamander. It has a slender, ribbed, and pink body along with two tiny arms that they use to dig through dirt. They only emerge to the surface at night or after lots of rain.

4. Purple Frog: This little Grimace look alike is also commonly known as the Indian Purple Frog or the Pig Nosed Frog. This frog is native to India’s Western Ghats and its proboscis is designed to help it feed on termites. They spend most of their time underground but only go up to the surface when it’s time to breed which is only once a year. The breeding pair lay up to 3,000 eggs then go back underground.

3. Superb Bird of Paradise: If you’ve watched Planet Earth during one of your science classes, then you know of this iconic legend. The female population of these birds surprisingly low so competition to find a male partner is intense. The males try to prepare their dance routine then loudly calling out for females. Hey like men in real life. The males also spread his black feather cape and blue-green breast shield widely, snapping a beat with his tail feathers while hopping around the females. What iconic queens.

2. Venezuelan Poodle Moth: This one looks funny to me. This unusual insect was discovered in Venezuela’s Gran Sabana region and looks like a cross between a poodle and a fly. The creature went unnoticed for several years until someone posted a photo of it online. Although it went viral, it hasn’t been confirmed as a new species.

1. Humpback Anglerfish: Is it safe to look yet? This is by far one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. If you remember that fish from Finding Nemo, yes this is its cousin. Being found in the depths of the ocean between 5,000 and 15,000 feet, they’re 7 inches long, globular, and black as pitch, with a cavernous mouth filled with huge, fang-like teeth. These things are definitely one of the most terrifying animals and use a bio-luminescent orb on its head to attract its unsuspecting prey. Oof.

Image Credit: Mexican Mole Lizard, Superb Bird of Paradise, Venezuelan Poodle Moth, Humpback Anglerfish

Featured Image Credit: Purple Frog

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