The situation down at the southern border

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The situation down at the southern border

Kevin Lucia, Contributor

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Currently the United States and a large group of immigrant caravans trying to enter the U.S. The only problem with that is that there is thousands of them trying to enter at a time and the U.S can only take so many at a given moment. Because of the fact that not all can enter legally at the same time, the caravans are beginning to resort to violent and illegal approaches.

Though this is an informative article, this is very much an editorial one as well. Everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want to believe and I believe everyone should have the right to do so.

Coming from an immigrant family myself it is hard to really formulate an opinion on what should be done with the immigrant caravans trying to enter the U.S illegally. On one hand I understand that some of these people are seeking a better life and better opportunities that might not be found back in their home country. But on the other hand I also begin to understand the implications of just simply letting all these people into the U.S. These people are seeking jobs in a state where unemployment is really low. People here in California already are working the jobs that these immigrant families are looking forward to in order to improve their financial stability.

So this begs the question, what jobs are these people going to work? Subsequently, what schools are we going to put the kids of these families in? Most schools are already crowded here in the state of California and an addition of tens of thousands of people is not going to help the situation.

Even more problems begin to arise when you start to look at the people who do get in legally and wait their turn. 80 percent of immigrants who get in legally never go back to court to fully finish the process of becoming an American.

To even further bring up problems that are at hand, these caravan immigrants are going to want healthcare. And it is a well known fact that taxpayers pay for these people’s healthcare, so this is why I begin to understand the complexity of this

The immigrant side of me is saying “Of course, let all these people in because my parents wanted to get in back in 2001 for the same reasons these people are.” But the other side of me is thinking of the bigger picture at hand and how the entrance of these thousands of people will affect us as Americans as a whole.

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