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To this day there is a few rhino’s left in the wilderness and national parks due to the people that poach them for their horns and their loss of habitat. In Asia there is 2 species of rhinos ( Javan, Sumatran) that are critically endangered. In Africa the white rhino remains standing and now they’re protected in sanctuaries classified and near threaten. Their is around 3 northern white rhino’s left and they are kept under 24 hour guard.

Why They Matter!

  • The protection of rhinos helps protect other species including elephants and buffalos
  • Rhino’s sustain to economic growth and sustainable development
  • Rhino’s are one of the top 5 animals of Africa
  • They can’t go extinct they play a huge role in nature.

Source: WorldWildLife

Image: PxHere

Featured Image: Pixnio

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