Interview with Mrs.Roth


Vanessa Bibiano, Contributor

 Q. What is your favorite pizza toppings and why?

“My favorite pizza topping would be cheese because I don’t eat dairy and that would be a treat. ”

Q. What is your favorite pizza place and why?

“Toppers because I love the salad bar !”

Q.If you can be any animal which would you be and why?

” A  dog because I love them so much … they’re always so happy!”

Q.If you can either fly or be invisible which would you like to have for a day?

” Fly even though I’m scared of heights, but because you feel so free and peaceful.”

Q.Who is your biggest motivation and why?

“My daughter because I want to be a good role model for her, that’s why I got my masters degree.”

Q.If there was a room full of kittens and a room full of puppies which would you like to go in to?

“Puppies! But i’ll sneak into the kitty room when you’re not looking.”

Q.If you can hangout with any person all day who would it be?

” My daughter, but only if she’s nice to me all day… (She’s 13!) ”

Q.What’s your favorite amusement park to visit and with who do you visit it with?

“Disneyland duh! I visit with my family!”

Q.What is your favorite thing about you, why?

” My family… I have a good family”

Q.If you can meet any superhero who would it be?

“Thor DUHHHH… it was Wonder Women until i saw Thor because of obvious reasons! and he’s also really funny.”