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Homework: Is it too much?

Michelle Ceja, Contributor

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Some students stress out a lot over homework assigned by teachers. Most students tend to have sport practices, after school activities, or even band practice, but can still manage to finish all their homework. On the bright side, they finished all their homework, but stayed up hours causing them to lose sleep. 90% of students lose sleep on school nights due to the amounts of homework teachers give. If teachers were to minimize the amount of homework they leave, I’m pretty sure students would have enough sleep. Middle school and High School students spend about 1-3 hours doing homework for each teacher they have and that doesn’t include projects.

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Michelle Ceja, Contributor

Hi my name is Michelle Ceja. I'm a senior in high school getting ready to graduate in June. A little background about me. I'm 17 years old and I am the...

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Homework: Is it too much?