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My name is Zack I’m a junior in high school.
I will be writing about new and current technology because it interests me
I like food, technology, science, videogames, music, and skateboarding.
My favorite videogame is Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 because I grew up playing it ad having a blast with my friends.
Favorite food is Mac and cheese because I love cheese.
My favorite type of pizza is meat lovers' because of the flavors of the meats mixed together
Favorite past time is talking to friends because I have fun talking to them.
I’m a very pessimistic person, I don’t know why.
My favorite shows are ‘Mythbusters’, ‘The Office(U.S)’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, and ‘How It’s Made’. I like them because they are long and I like binging shows.
I like building things and seeing how things work because it has always been interesting since I was young.
Thanks for reading-Zack

Zack Rogers, Contributor

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Zack Rogers