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My name is Mark, I'm a junior at Hueneme High School. My favorite subjects in school are Math and History. For my hobbies, I like to go to the gym and play video games. My favorite type of video games are battle royals because they’re competitive and realistic. My favorite type of pizza is sausage, because I like all of the different meat flavors there are. My favorite snack is green apples with peanut butter, because it's healthy and delicious. My favorite sport is basketball, because I’ve been playing it ever since I was 7. I love spending time with my family because we go hiking and camping. I also really like swimming, because it’s relaxing and I can do it on my own without having anyone to bother me. Lastly, after high school, I want to be a film director because I’d like to make Marvel movies.

Mark Martin

Mark Martin, Contributor

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Mark Martin