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Kinverly Garcia
here 10 fun facts about me
1)My favorite food is Chick fil a because I only like to eat chicken
2)I like to spend time with family because they’re wild and they're just fun to be around with
3)I am a huge Cowboys fan because everyone in my family loves football and everyone has their own favorite team, so mine is the cowboys because they have Prescott
4)I love Sunday football because all my family comes over to watch the games and BBQ and make bets and have water fights
5)I love my uncle he means everything to me because he’s the father figure I need
6)I like to spend time with my dad when I go visit him in jail because he makes me laugh a lot and makes me smile
7)I like to party with family and friends because I need to have fun sometimes and get away from my problems
8)I love cold, rainy, cloudy days because I can watch Netflix and cuddle with my blanket and drink hot chocolate
9)I like to spend time with my best friend and get our nails done because I can tell her what I'm going through and just get things off my mind
10)I like to listen to music when I have free time because it relaxes me and I forget about everything I'm going through

Kinverly Garcia, contributor

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