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Hello, my name is Kimberly Garcia and I’m a senior at Hueneme High School. I perform with the school’s mariachi program to eventually play professionally. I also work with CAUSE Oxnard to protect the city’s environment.

I like to listen to hip-hop, rap, and Latino to motivate myself. I play video games on my Nintendo Switch because they’re entertaining. I started getting into gardening and maintaining succulents, I like getting my hands dirty. I draw in my free time as well since it serves as a good creative outlet.

My goal for my future is to take a gap year to save up money for tuition. Once I save up, I want to attend a four-year university and study political science and Spanish to become an immigration lawyer. I also want to perform as a professional mariachi to honor my cultural roots. I eventually want to enter Oxnard’s city council to help the community that made me.

Kimberly Garcia, Contributor

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