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          Hey, my name is Kayvon Mosby and here are some facts about me. I am a senior and a student-athlete here at Hueneme High School. I have only one sister who is a sophomore here as well. I have been playing basketball since my freshman year and I’m currently on the varsity team. Some of my hobbies include drawing and listening to music. My favorite video game is NBA 2K because I love playing with NBA players. 

          My favorite hip hop artist is Gunna because I like his style and flow. The Oklahoma City Thunder is my favorite NBA team because I like the way they play and the players they have such Chris Paul and Steven Adams. My favorite player would have to be Brandon Ingram because he fits my playing style. My plan after high school is to go to Oxnard College and then transfer to a four-year university.

           My dream job is to be a graphic designer since I love drawing as a kid. If there is one play where I like to travel it would be the Bahamas because I heard it's beautiful and I would love to learn about their culture. I also like writing about trends because they always come and go and I like to remember what was the thing; such as dance moves or fashion.

        For the most part, this is just a brief intro about me. I hope you are looking forward to the articles this year. 

Kayvon Mosby, Contributor

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