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My name is Jessica Palomares. I go to Hueneme High school. One fact about me is that I love to do makeup because it's like doing art and there are so many types of ways to do makeup and that's what makes makeup fun. I also like to go to a lot of places because I'm able to get distracted and I get to spend time with my family. I also love to go to parties a lot because of the food and because I get to talk to my cousins and friends there and I also get the chance to dance with my cousins and friends.  Another fact about me is that I love to go eat with my family because we laugh a lot and we always have a good time together. Another fact about me is that I love to draw, for me it's a wonderful skill to be able to draw I love to draw because I get to be creative. After high school, I want to work because I want to be able to help my parents pay bills and I want to be able to spoil my parents. I love to plan things out (for example parties) for people that I love because I love to make them feel special and I love to decorate. My goal is to make my family happy and being able to ignore all the haters and to avoid bad people in my life. Another goal that I have is that I hope I get to be a makeup artist and a model.  I hope I get to be successful with the things I want to do in the future. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. 


Jessica Palomares, Contributor

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