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Hi, my name is Cesar and I’m a junior at Hueneme High School. I like playing football because it is my favorite sport to play and I also play it for my school. My favorite food is pepperoni pizza because I tend to like Italian food better than any other. I like to listen to music because it helps me meditate and to play video games with friends because I get to spend free time with them.

When it comes to academics, my favorite subject in school is math because I’m good with numbers. When I don't have anything to do I love spending my time at the movie theater to watch action and comedy films and my favorite season is winter because I like being able to stay at home and watch movies.

Therefore, my favorite app on my phone is Netflix since I’m able to watch my favorite movies and shows whenever. On the other side, I enjoy nature and more when I have the chance to camp because I spend time with family.

Cesar Rangel, contributor

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