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Meet A Contributor : Cassandra Raya
Hello, my name is Cassandra Raya. I am a senior at Hueneme High School. I am 17 years old , and I have 4 siblings. What do I like to do on my free time? Something I like doing on my free time is spending time with family and friends . My favorite type of animals are horses, even though most people are scared to ride them or even get near them. One thing I enjoy most, is eating bbq ribs. One of my goals in the future is to graduate from CSUN. If I ever had to choose a sport to play it would most likely be soccer even though I don't play any sports right now. Somewhere I would like to travel would be Hawaii because of the beautiful scenery which includes watching whales and dolphins jump and play on many of the ocean cruises.

Cassandra Raya, Contributor

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