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Meet a Contributor: Alejandro Vieyra
My name is Alejandro Vieyra and I am a senior at Hueneme High School. I love good grades and hanging out with my friends.  I also enjoy making others happy by making them laugh because happiness is great for everyone.  I am part of Upward Bound and it has helped me make many new friends and it has also given me an insight of what the college life will be like.  In the future, I hope to attend UCSB (I got waitlisted smh) and study computer science. Whatever, I'll just go to UCSD. Computers amaze me because the possibilities are endless on the Internet.  If I were an animal, I would be a monkey because I mess around a lot and do not take things very seriously.  A quote that I follow is "Just keep swimming" by Dory because I do not dwell on the past.  If you ask me, the best direction to move is forward. I plan to have the most stories in the HHS Voyager! ;)

Alejandro Vieyra, Contributor

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