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Meet a Contributor: Adela Salazar

Hello my name is Adela Salazar and I am currently a senior here at Hueneme high school. I am 17 years old and I am graduating this year (class of 2019). One fun fact about me is that I speak three languages. The three languages are Mixteco, English, and I learned Spanish as my third language. I am trying to learn sign language to help the people that can't speak or hear.
On my free time I like to read a book and then watch the movie to compare them. My family is pretty big I have both parents,2 sisters,and 4 brothers. My parents didn't have a chance to go to school like we do so, I am giving it my all to make them proud. I hope to have a great year in newspaper and learn how to write articles.

Adela Salazar, Contributor

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