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One may notice at first glance towards me that I wear a lot of red, red is my favorite color so I wear red a lot. After talking to me for a while if I'm not shy at that moment will learn that I like to make jokes usually about something around us or a random person. The main thing that everyone knows about me that know me is i love sports,Football more specifically and my life long dream of becoming a sports broadcaster for the NFL has lead me to Mr.Thomas's second period writing for publication class. Seeing as it is that I'm a Jr. here at HHS I hope I can publish for the school until I graduate I love to report on anything and meeting new people.One of my many traits if this even counts as a trait is I love to laugh,goof off,and making others laugh. I also enjoy contact lots of contact my motto "be aggressive in class and on the grass."

Adam Galindo, contributor

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