A New Path


Alexa Perez, Contributor

For many, change is a place of uncertainty and fear, but for Mrs. Ambriz, it was a place of opportunity. As we all know, it’s that time of the year where graduating seniors are choosing and debating about some of the biggest changes in their lives: what college will best fit their needs and, most importantly, a major they will spend the rest of their lives learning about. Mrs. Ambriz was once in the same place with the same decisions to make.

As Mrs. Ambriz high school years came to an end, she decided that majoring in science would be the best fit for her. She states, “in high school, I took chem and I really loved that class which made me realize I wanted to be a science major.” With Biochemistry being her first choice, she ended up attending UC Irvine. Most grow comfortable with a major after studying it for 3 years. It is you living and breathing that subject after all the hard work and hours you put into studying, but Mrs. Ambriz isn’t everybody. Despite being so close to crossing the finish line with her chosen major, she decided in the end she was destined for something else. As she carried out her decision to switch her major from biochemistry to history, she found pleasure in teaching and being a model for the generation of students to come after her.

Now with 11 years of experience and 9 years of teaching at Hueneme High School, when asked if she is truly satisfied with her change, she answers… with a great smile and proudly states “yes, I am!” Although transitioning was very scary and starting over was something she didn’t expect, life has given her new opportunities from that leap of faith she took. As someone who has gone through this change she wisely advises to “choose something that makes you happy and is enjoyable because you will have to do this for the rest of your life.”