Tinder Swindler Review


Alondra Cervantes, Contributor

The “Tinder Swindler” on Netflix was one of the most popular things being watched in early 2022. Shows and podcasts about men and women who con people on sites/apps like Tinder are becoming popular because it’s really easy to con someone on the internet out of money. The tinder swindler made a relationship with a girl and made her fall in love with him, and then he used that into making her send him money. He also made a friendship with another girl, and while he was partying with her, he was making his girlfriend send him money. The victims are still paying off the loans

My opinion on the tinder swindler documentary is good sine it explained in detail everything that happened. They also got the women who got scammed to explain everything that happened. I think what the guy did was wrong and should still be in jail or at least pay back the ladies more than what he stole from them since he ruined their lives. He now dabbles in real estate and bitcoin, in my opinion, they shouldn’t trust him into getting the job. the victims are paying off the money they borrowed from the tinder swindler and they’re the ones suffering but yet he’s good on money right now, he could be giving them back all the money he took.

What can people do to not be fooled? https://www.tmz.com/2022/03/11/tinder-swindler-no-factor-background-check-simon-leviev-netflix-documentary/

Talk to your friends and family about people that you meet online! They can tell you if they think someone is using you.

Don’t give money to people you barely know! If someone asks you for money online, it’s probably a scam.

If you go out with someone you just met make sure to let someone know for your own safety.